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Hollow face

Hollow face

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wood powder clay, reed, beeswax

h: 2.3, w: 2.5, d: 5.5cm



[Artist Statement (From the exhibition statement)]

"Tama" simply means a soul, and in modern times it is used synonymously with "tama". Originally, ``tama'' and ``tamashi'' had different meanings and were used differently, but there are still various opinions on the difference and it seems that it is not completely understood. However, both ``tama'' and ``tamashi'' can be broadly interpreted as words related to extremely abstract concepts such as spirits and gods, and have been used in Japan since ancient times.
“Tama no Utsuwa” represents something (container) that brings these “tama” or “tama”. What kind of container is it that contains the ``tama'', an abstract image that cannot be seen with the naked eye? If I were to express this in a concrete form, how would I draw it? Using ancient ruins, archeology, and folklore texts as sources of inspiration, I explore shapes, colors, scenes, materials, and other aspects in my own way.

Nana Kuromiya

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