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1989→2019 30th-Miracle

1989→2019 30th-Miracle

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h: 21, w: 14.8 cm (A5), 196 pages

ISBN 978-4-931270-40-4
Date of Issue 2019.8.24


“People can live without art, but
Art is necessary for survival. ”

In 1989, he opened a print studio in Osaka.
After that, it continued to expand into a design editing studio, contemporary art gallery, and avant-garde music label.
Nomart continues to create together with contemporary artists - 30 years of records.

A text in which Normart director Satoshi Hayashi writes about his relationships with many people over the past 30 years and the ideas that have arisen from them for the first time, plus contributions from related parties. In addition, this is a 30th anniversary book that compiles an archive of 1,000 Nomart publications and about 170 exhibitions held to date.
After printing, each book was carefully finished by spraying orange ink, the theme color of the 30th anniversary, on the edges at the print studio Nomart Edition.
This is a book that I put all my effort into, and I will deliver it to you with all my heart!

Texts by
Tadayasu Sakai (Art critic / Director of Setagaya Art Museum)
Akira Tatehata (art critic / poet)
Atsuhiko Shima (Director, 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa)
Satoshi Hayashi (Nomart Director)
Hideki Kimura (artist)
Chu Enoki (artist)
Keiji Uematsu (artist)
Motonori Inagaki (artist)
Hajime Imamura (artist)
Takayuki Hashimoto (.es / Musician)
Kohei Nawa (artist)
Tomio Sugaya (Osaka Nakanoshima Art Museum Preparation Office Director)
Noriko Imanaka (Nomart Manager / Musician)
Exhibition review
Atsuhiko Shima (Director, 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa)
Akiko Kasuya (Professor, Kyoto City University of Arts)
Jiro Nagakusa (Professor, Tezukayama Gakuin University)
Yuka Egami (Curator, Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art)
Yasuo Miwaki (psychiatrist / art critic)
Tadashi Kobayashi (Curator, Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art)

*Titles omitted, order of publication

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------
Art Direction: Satoshi Hayashi ( Nomart, Inc. )
Editing and Design: Nomart, Inc.
Cover Work: Hajime Imamura
Cover Photos: Noriko Imanaka ( Nomart, Inc. )
Publisher: Nomart Editions
1,000 copies

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