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CELL Kohei Nawa: Sculptures, Drawings and Multiples

CELL Kohei Nawa: Sculptures, Drawings and Multiples

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h: 25.7, w: 18.2 cm, 24 pages

The Date of Issue: 2002.4.20
1st Edition: 1,000 copies
2nd Edition: 500 copies


Kohei Nawa's first solo exhibition at the same space, "Kohei Nawa CELL'' was held at Nomart Edition/Project Space (currently Gallery Nomart) from April 20th to June 1st, 2002. An exhibition document created and published in conjunction with the opening of the exhibition.

The previous year, in 2001, he was recommended by art critic Minoru Shimizu to participate in the Nomart Projects 2001, a project to discover and develop young artists. Nawa was still enrolled in the graduate school of Kyoto City University of Arts when the solo exhibition was held a year later. The exhibition content, which consists of a 5m square white cube and a large space with high ceilings created from a renovated warehouse, filled with overwhelmingly voluminous and high-quality works, was met with a great deal of surprise from all quarters. It got a lot of attention.
It was at this exhibition that the core concept of Nawa's production, "PixCell'' was born. This exhibition includes many works that are directly connected to the current Nawa, including the first exhibition of sculptures using symbolic transparent beads, wall drawings made with a glue gun, and a giant sculpture called "Scum" made from polyurethane foam. It was announced in

This exhibition document not only shows the exhibition at the time and the exhibited works, but also includes scenes from the creation of the works, giving a sense of realism where you can hear the artist's breathing.

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Editing: Satoshi Hayashi (Nomart, Inc.)
Design: Satoshi Hayashi (Nomart, Inc.)
Publisher: Nomart Editions
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