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Ribbons and Prisms

Ribbons and Prisms

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h: 21, w: 14.8 cm, 68 pages


The Date of Issue: 2017.8.11


A book that provides an overview of Tadahiko Ikegaki's sculptures, prints, and drawings.

A selection of Tadahiko Ikegaki's works from the 1980s to the present, including three-dimensional works elaborately assembled from corroded copper plates, and prints/drawings made using various techniques.
This is a book that allows you to experience the charm of Ikegaki, who develops a variety of expressions while focusing on copperplate prints.

*A collection of works with the same title (196 pages) published in June of the same year is a collection of carefully selected drawings from the vast amount of drawings that are repeated on a daily basis and are essential when talking about Ikegaki. We recommend purchasing both books together.

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Text: Tadahiko Ikegaki
Translation: Isanori Oha, Ken Rodgers
Editing: Nomart, Inc.
Art Direction: Satoshi Hayashi (Nomart, Inc.)
Design: Katsuhiko Sasaoka (Nomart, Inc.)
Publisher: Nomart Editions
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