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Ribbons and Prisms

Ribbons and Prisms

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h: 25, w: 18, d: 2 cm, 196 pages

The Date of Issue: 2017.6.17


A collection of spectacular and thrilling drawings that seem to dig out the inside of Tadahiko Ikegaki's brain.

A collection of works by artist Tadahiko Ikegaki that has been carefully selected from the vast amount of drawings and other documents that he writes down on a daily basis, edited into approximately 200 pages, and compiled into one volume.
Ikegaki always carries several sketchbooks with him and continues to draw whenever he has free time.
The source of his images never dries up, and the way they are born, connected, and chained one after another is amazing.
This book is a carefully selected and vivid collection of keywords in Spanish and Japanese, which he is good at after spending time in Mexico and Spain.
Written by esthetician Atsushi Tanigawa and critic Minoru Shimizu. It is a rich content that allows you to understand the author "Tadahiko Ikegaki".

*A collection of works with the same title (68 pages) published in August of the same year includes excerpts of Ikegaki's sculptures, prints, drawings, etc. We recommend purchasing both books together.

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Text: Minoru Shimizu, Atsushi Tanigawa
Translation: Isanori Oha, Ken Rodgers
Editing: Nomart, Inc.
Art Direction: Satoshi Hayashi (Nomart, Inc.)
Design: Katsuhiko Sasaoka (Nomart, Inc.)
Publisher: Nomart Editions
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