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catalog, paperback
h: 29.7, w: 21 cm, 240 pages


ISBN4-86152-089-4 C0071
The Date of Issue: 2006.10.1

As the first collection of works that gives a complete overview of “Enochu”,
A long-awaited book published in 2006!

A man who went to Hungary with his whole body half-cut. A man who wore a sunburn with the symbol of the Expo on his stomach and strode around the city half-naked. A man who created a bar in an art gallery, dressed as a woman for two days, and invited the audience as Rosechu. Then there's the man who dismantled railroads and ships and used approximately 25 tons of scrap metal to create a gigantic mechanical sculpture called Space Lobster P-81. Enoki Chuu is an artist who has left behind shocking works and anecdotes.
Tadashi Enoki, who started his career based in Kobe in the 1960s and is still active today, constantly stimulates viewers with his many artistic expressions using his own body, highlighting human potential and the relationship with society. I've been to Countless writers have been inspired by his work, including Takashi Murakami and Kenji Yanobe.

This book can be considered an introductory guide to Tadashi Enoki, covering his activities and works from 1965 to 2006.
Don't miss the chronology from its birth in 1944 to the exhibition schedule in 2007, which is printed directly from Enoki's handwritten manuscript in his notebook!
*At the end of the book is a bonus sticker with a redesigned Bar Rose Chu (1979) liquor label.

*Enoki's handprints and fingerprints are printed throughout the magazine (this is a design, not a stain).

● List of authors *Titles omitted, each section in alphabetical order [Review Text]
Noi Sawaragi
Akira Tatehata
Tokuhiro Nakajima
Tadakatsu Yamamoto
Kazuo Yamawakii
Keiichi Ikemizu
Keiji Uematsu
Chieko Kinoshita
Rou Soga
Masako Doro
Hisako Hara
Sadaharu Horio
Takashi Murakami
Kenji Yanobe
[Work Commentary]
Noriko Imanaka

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------
Translation : Christopher Stephens
Art Direction: Satoshi Hayashi (Nomart, Inc.)
Design: Nomart Graphics
Publisher: Nomart Editions
Selling Agency: Seigensha Art Publishing, Inc.
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