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soft cover
h: 23.7, w: 18.2 cm, 236 pages

The Date of Issue: 2018.5.26



Motonori Inagaki's first collection of works "elephant"

Since the early 1990s, Inagaki has been continuously making drawings on B4 copy paper, which now number more than 10,000 pieces. Inagaki's drawings, which do not depict phenomena or mental images, but rather attempt to capture something as yet unseen, interact with each other beyond the time frame of their creation, and may be considered a single work in its entirety.
In this collection, Motonori Inagaki's first publication, 100 of his drawings, which form the basis of his work, have been selected regardless of the period in which they were created. The book is 236 pages in total, including 10 photographic works.
Akiko Kasuya, a professor at Kyoto City University of Arts, who has been observing Inagaki's works for a long time, has been asked to write a contribution to the book. She carefully unravels the essence of Inagaki's work, which is difficult to grasp at first glance.

Text: Akiko Kasuya (Professor, Kyoto City University of Arts), Motonori Inagaki
Translation: Christopher Stephens
Editing: Nomart, Inc.
Art Direction: Satoshi Hayashi (Nomart, Inc.)
Design: Katsuhiko Sasaoka (Nomart, Inc.)
Publisher: Nomart Editions Nomart Editions

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