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Naruki Oshima / Scene,Light,Color

Naruki Oshima / Scene,Light,Color

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paperback, 14 pages
h: 25.7, w: 18.2 cm

Publisher: Nomart Editions


大島 成己 Naruki Oshima

My concept "To View: How to make a new relation to my Outer World" has been my foundation to explore photographic expression for many years. Photographic expression breaks the everyday perspectives by emphasizing the intensity in light, color, and haptic effects. As a result, the actual meaning of the image in a "normal" setting is diluted and instead, a strong ephemeral weirdness of photography is presented in front of our eyes.
Naruki has studied at the prestigious Thomas Ruf in Germany in 2001. Soon after, he exhibited internationally including at the Rotterdam International Architecture Biennale in 2003, as well as the Venetia Biennale in 2004.

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