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Keiji Uematsu An Invitation to a Nonsensical Journey - Dreams of Seeing

Keiji Uematsu An Invitation to a Nonsensical Journey - Dreams of Seeing

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soft cover
h: 21, w: 14.8 cm (A5 size), 116 pages


The Date of Issue: 2022.7.25

Record of a solo exhibition held at Kirishima Open Air Museum, Kagoshima, Japan in 2022.

Text : Keiji Uematsu, Yujiro Ochi, Yuri Mitsuda, Yusuke Yano
Editing : Keiji Uematsu, Nomart, Inc., Kirishima Open Air Museum
Photo : Takuma Uematsu
Design : Satoshi Hayashi (Nomart, Inc.), Arisa Tomiyasu (Nomart, Inc.)
Publisher : Nomart Editions, Yumiko Chiba Associates


植松 奎二 Keiji Uematsu

Uematsu’s interests are in the essentials of life; such as the law of gravity, nature, earth, and the universe. These inspirations inspired him to create cone shaped sculptures, shaved stone sculptures, as well as installations with film and a live tree. His works are all beyond what is normally expected, and expands the boundaries of expression. Uematsu has received high marks in exhibitions both domestic and internationally. These exhibitions ranged from museums, galleries, to public spaces.
In 2013, he received the most prestigious sculpture award in Japan, the Teijiro Nakahara Award.
Currently he is based in Osaka, Paris, and Dusseldorf and works internationally.

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