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HIDEKI KIMURA works:1972-1990 R.E.

HIDEKI KIMURA works:1972-1990 R.E.

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HIDEKI KIMURA works:1972-1990 R.E.
catalogue raisonne, paperback
h: 24, w: 25 cm, 160 pages


The Date of Issue: 1990.10.1

Text: Yoshiaki Inui、Hideki Kimura
Poetry in English: Daniel R. Kane
Translation: Kunihito Sawada、Sachiko Murakami
Editing: Nomart, Inc.
Art Direction: Satoshi Hayashi (Nomart, Inc.)
Design: Nomart, Inc.
Publisher: Nomart Editions

木村 秀樹 Hideki Kimura

Kimura has gained critical acclaim and won many international prizes since his twenties. His work, which floats unrelated pieces of images through silkscreen is one of his famous pieces.“Pencils” and “Water Birds” which were created in the 1970’s, and “Misty Dutch” which was created in 1996, are among his most well-known pieces.
Kimura is active as an artist but also coaches the younger generation in art, and promotes printmaking.

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