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Heart #3

Heart #3

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through print and silkscreen on paper, wooden frame
h: 56.5, w: 76 cm (sheet) / h: 62,w: 81.5, d: 3.5 cm (frame)

* It will take about 4 weeks from the order to delivery.

This work is one of a new series of works presented at the solo exhibition "Projection and Extraction" at Gallery Nomart in 2019. It is a unique work created in collaboration with Nomart's studio printer using a technique he developed himself called "through-printing(*)".

(*) through-printing :
Through-printing is a technique newly invented by Onishi that applies screen-printing.
Unlike conventional screen-printing, where ink is squeezed out by a squeegee, the image is fixed by spraying the ink. By controlling the focus of the image according to the distance between the screen and the support, it is possible to create at once the contradictory states of "concentration and diffusion".
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