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orange #1

orange #1

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lino print on Japanese paper, wooden frame
h: 43, w: 52.7 cm (sheet) / h: 49.6,w: 59.1, d: 3.5 cm (frame)

* It will take about 3 weeks from the order to delivery.

Under the theme of linocut(a types of letterpress), we commissioned six artists to create artworks using linocut for exhibition. This was the first time for all of them to use the technique in their works, and it was also an experimental attempt for the gallery, which possesses a print studio, to start from scratch.


[Artist Statement]

I tried to shift the expression I usually paint in the oil paintings to prints this time.
In order to present the brushstrokes of oil painting on canvas, I used the monotype for the first plate, and then covered the linocut plate with white ink on the top to make the brushstrokes be half hidden through the carving places.
I chose motifs that are both real and beautiful, such as a horse’s eye or a finger stuck into a mandarin and so on.

Chihiro Yamada
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