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THE MUSIC (Nomart Editions) / retrograde inversion

THE MUSIC (Nomart Editions) / retrograde inversion

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silkscreen on paper, hologram sheet, wooden frame
h: 37.2, w: 37.2 cm (sheet) / h: 52, w: 52, d: 2.6 cm (frame)


* It will take about 4 weeks from the order to delivery.

Prime | Basic Melody
Retrograde | Time inversion of P
Inversion | Invert P pitch
Retrograde Inversion | Inversion of P time / tone pitch
Based on the basic melody (Prime), this work is intended to be experienced visually, not aurally, through the image of the sound, which is a retrograde, inversion, and retrograde inversion of the melody.
Holographic paper is attached to the bottom of the prints, and through the holes that are made by hand in each piece, the sound image can be seen as a changing light.

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