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lake 1 *A4 size

lake 1 *A4 size

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silkscreen on aluminum, wooden panel
h: 21, w: 29.7, d: 1.6 cm
ed. 7


* It will take about 4 weeks from the order to delivery.

[silkscreen on aluminum]

This work was Inagaki's first attempt at printing an image on an aluminum plate.
The concept of this work was to fix the photographic image as a material and to treat it as if it were a drawing on paper. The aluminum substrate already has a dull, shiny metallic feel, so we stopped the image to be printed on it as far as it blended in with the metal, rather than gradating it to 100% black. The brightest areas are the ground color of the metal, so the tonal range is kept to a small range where the image is integrated with the presence of the metal.

Inagaki says that he feels that there is more richness in this restrained tonality than in today's clear digital photography.

Thus, a new object is born, a fusion of photograph and material.

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