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Situation - One stone C III

Situation - One stone C III

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silkscreen on BFK Rives, wooden frame
h: 57.5, w: 76 cm (sheet) / h: 62, w: 81.5, d: 3.5 cm (frame)
ed. 23


* It will take about 4 weeks from the order to delivery.

The work is based on a pencil plan drawing of a stone and a black stick-like object precariously balanced in space, but the intention was not to simply reproduce the drawing, but to create a print as an installation, using the print paper as a space.
The pencil lines were printed in three black plates with a special color of black mixed with silver, and the background was printed twice with a special color to achieve a metallic materiality.

* This series is a trilogy, in which the background is filled with silver, a color reminiscent of iron, which Uematsu often uses in his three-dimensional works. There is also the "Situation - One stone S" trilogy with the same image and color difference, using the same color of copper used by the artist as the background.

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