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set of 2 prints, silkscreen on translucent paper, acrylic, wooden frame
h: 80.8, w: 60.8, d: 3.4 cm (frame size / each)
ed. 25

* Prices will change depending on the number of copies remaining.
* It will take about 4 weeks for delivery.


This print/multiple work is silkscreened on "Yupo," a special kind of translucent paper. It depicts a set of circles of several different sizes, but the inner part of the circle remains on translucent paper and the surrounding area is printed in white. Because of the clearance from the base, the circles cast faint shadows there, creating depth in an image composed entirely of white.
This represents the state of a cell, which is Nawa's theme. In this pair of works, Cells are evenly distributed in one, while in the other, they are concentrated downward due to gravity. This brings movement to the very delicate balance between the Cells and the space around them.The Cells in these two states are strictly equal in number, and it is understood that they are a pair; three different works were created, 4000/6000/8000, depending on the number of Cells. This work is housed in a carefully crafted wooden frame with low reflection acrylic specifications, and is tense in every detail.

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