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Rain Clouds

Rain Clouds

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silkscreen on kakita, wooden frame
h: 56, w: 76 cm (sheet) / h: 71, w: 91, d: 2.8 cm (frame)
ed. 17


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"Hideki Kimura: Project Periods 2015 - 2018" is a project that presents a series of Hideki Kimura's past, present, and future work. The project was held seven times at Gallery Nomart over a period of four years, each time presenting new prints in accordance with the theme of the exhibition. A total of 10 new prints were produced and exhibited.

In "Rain Clouds," Kimura used only blurred color surfaces, which he named "clouds," and brush strokes. The result is a striking work with a unique sense of depth in an extremely simple image.
This work was presented during the fourth project, "Period 4: Chestnut Park / Pool.


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