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Under the Moon Light

Under the Moon Light

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silkscreen on kakita, wooden frame
h: 56, w: 76 cm (sheet) / h: 71, w: 91, d: 2.8 cm (frame)
ed. 17


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"Hideki Kimura: Project Periods 2015 - 2018" is a project that presents a series of Hideki Kimura's past, present, and future work. The project was held seven times at Gallery Nomart over a period of four years, each time presenting new prints in accordance with the theme of the exhibition. A total of 10 new prints were produced and exhibited.

"Under the Moon Light 2015" is based on the "polysemy" concept of the popular "Waterbird" series from the early 1980s, which was also developed as a three-dimensional work, and is a more complex work that combines a variety of images in a single image.
This was presented during the second "Period 2: Waterbird / Tulip" project.


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