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MIX World - 2

MIX World - 2

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set of 8 sheets, silkscreen and offset print on paper in clear folder
h: 145.6, w: 206 cm (full size) / h: 72.8, w: 51.5 cm (each)
ed. 40

* This work is for sale only in Japan. (We do not ship overseas.)
*Only three of the 40 editions are sold individually.

* The resale and gratuitous transfer (including donation) of this work to any third party are in principle prohibited in three years from the date of purchase.
We would appreciate your understanding for the rule before purchasing the work.

The theme of Chang's solo exhibition at Gallery Nomart in 2022 was "Multiplication. After the COVID-19 pandemic, Chang came to Japan for the first time in four years and painted a huge wall painting on the gallery wall. The images were then further multiplied into prints, resulting in set of eight prints. This work is one of them.

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