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Drawing 1

Drawing 1

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silkscreen on BFK Rives, wooden frame
h: 76, w: 57 cm (sheet) / h: 81.5, w: 62, d: 3.5 cm (frame)
ed. 30


* It will take about 4 weeks from the order to delivery.

Kohei Nawa's first series of prints, 2001

This is Nawa’s first work collaborated with the Print Studio Nomart Editions of Gallery Nomart. It is a very valuable series of work to know Nawa in his early days.

After Nawa presenting his works on the exhibition of ”Nomart Projects 2001, Project 1 vol.3 Image and Materiality”in March 2001, a print making plan with brand new approaches was born.

・《Meat 1》and《Meat 2》,the works that silkscreen drawings were printed on the meat images that came directly from the inkjet printing.
・《Hair》and《Chip》, which are the works the artist spread the actual human hair and red potato chips on the exposure machine, and then print them directly onto the plates.
・《Drawing 1》《Drawing 2》, whose plate-making was based on the purely hand-drawn silkscreen printing film by the artist.
The six works were created by the three approaches mentioned above.They are related with each other and integrated on the theme of “Physics Tactility” despite the different methods they adopted.

*This is the work 《Drawing 1》of the six works created in 2001.

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