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Esquisse #E - 008

Esquisse #E - 008

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silkscreen on Japanese paper, wooden frame
h: 47, w: 36 cm (sheet)
h: 61.3, w: 49.3, d: 2.6 cm (frame)
ed. 60


The new prints, "Esquisse Series," are nine carefully selected drawings of the same title that Nawa made around 2000, when he was a graduate student at Kyoto City University of Arts, and published as silkscreen prints.
Rather than faithfully reproducing the images of the originals, the artist used pigments used in vermillion ink for the texture and coloring of the ink. Red ink has been used since ancient times as a universal pigment for dyeing cloth used to wrap bodies for burial, and it seems to have had a meaning as a bridge between the afterlife and this world. As the editions are repeated, the colors become more organized and deeper. The size of the work has been enlarged, and it has a different charm from the original drawing.

Based on a portfolio of 9 print sheets in a tatou case, only 15 prints from each of the 60 editions are sold individually.

Portfolio of 9 prints: ed. 1 - 45 / 60
1 Print: ed. 46 - 60 / 60

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