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lino print on Japanese paper (Takewashi), wooden frame
h: 43, w: 52.7 cm (sheet) / h: 49.6, w: 59.1, d: 3.5 cm (frame)
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* It will take about 4 weeks from the order to delivery.

It is fun to look at the clouds floating in the sky. You may find the shape like people’s faces or animal,
and they change before you notice and lose the initial shape after you watch it for a while. I love they change in a subtle way, as if they have a form in a way that you could say they do not. when you look at the boundary between the two, the shape gushes out and then disappears again . Am I the only one who feels a little relieved when I look at these clouds and think that everything in the world is just like this?

Hajime Imamura
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