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silkscreen and inkjet print on Kakita, wooden frame

h: 76, w: 57 cm (sheet) / h: 81.5, w: 62, d: 3.5 cm (frame)


* It will take about 4 weeks from the order to delivery.

[Landscape-21g Series]
The weight of our soul is said to be 21g. In Kotani's 21g series, a variety of paintings ranging from abstract to figurative are covered with translucent layers with removed strokes. The semi-transparent layers may be the connection between life and death. In this series Landscape-21g, photographs become the base. The photographs are snapshots stored in the artist’s mobile phones. The silkscreen prints the translucent layers (equally without strokes) over the casual everyday photographs. They are films that cross between certain and uncertain. Fifteen different snapshots and five different print plates were prepared, which were combined to create 75 different works. There is no meaning in those combinations, which were determined randomly, and this makes the ideas contained in this group of works stand out even more. The layers create their own parallel worlds, where the uncertain emerges.

- Satoshi Hayashi, Director of Gallery Nomart

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