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The Glory No.28

The Glory No.28

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oil on cotton
h: 72.7, w: 100 cm

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This is a rare painting by Komaki from 2002. It is a close-up of a morning glory flower on cotton in oil paint.


One summer, I came across a large flower of morning glory in a neighbor's yard. I think it had a purple and light blue aperture pattern. Seeing the colors and patterns flowing toward the center of the white outflow, I felt as if my consciousness were being sucked into the flower.
"Glory" in "morning glory" also means "halo," and "go to glory" means to be called to God. Perhaps I was not mistaken in the image I had at the time.

The vision that the morning glory presented before my eyes was, so to speak, a "view of the afterlife," but at the same time, it lightly transcended the distinction between figurative and abstract. But, of course, flowers do not reproduce anything, they only embody what they are. When I considered the meaning of this, I realized that I should not paint morning glories as a motif, but as morning glories paint.

Thus my new motif was born. Last year and this year, I bought seeds in the spring, grew many flowers, and recorded them every morning. This fall, I was able to "harvest" them as a group of works.
I hope that the morning glories blooming casually in the streets will open a window to the mysteries of the universe for us to see.

Kazufusa Komaki, November 2002
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